2015 Hyundai Genesis interior

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Seems really nice, so far.
What came out as boring in early grainy pictures seems more “understated” now.
They just didn’t go for a flashy look. Which is nice.

This could turn out to be quite a classy car in real life.

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  1. BORING! This Genesis is much less appealing than the first one. It looks like a regular car, nothing looks luxurious on it.

  2. Vince I do agree that they did a very good job on the exterior and in particular the interior which in addition to the weak suspension, was definitely a big drawback.

    Now on to the suspension. Just about every "first drive" report that I have read stated that the car understeers or wallows quite a bit when cornering and that is not a good thing for a car boasting premium car status. Granted these was a pre-production car but really?

    It begs the question as to whether Hyundai really knows how to engineer a proper suspension. Perhaps when the official media launch is announced and thorough test drives are reported on this will not be such a big deal.

    Just say this makes me doubt whether they've really addressed the suspension issues on the Genesis sedan after all.

  3. Looks nice, but…. Hyundai should have bern more unique than grafting a Fusion's snout on a a5's body.

    They're doing better work with the Sonata/Elantra/Santa Fe styling.

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