2015 Lexus SC

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These illustrations show what the next SC Coupe could look like.
Seems like a blend of recent concepts and production designs from the brand.

And not bad.
Not sure how close it is from the real thing. I guess this would compete with cars like the BMW 6 series. And it looks like it’s not  convertible anymore.

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  1. Sign me up. The SC has too long been absent and/or viable. This seems worthy of the name at long last. 🙂

  2. They have mentioned that the next Supra will use a platform developed with BMW. Which will use it for the next Z4

  3. I want this in white. Love it!!

    I've never said that about a Toyota or Lexus product before either. What's happening to me?!!! aaahhhh!!!

  4. Good idea in theory, but buy does it have to be so horrible looking. The rear is like a melted Fisker. The front gives me nightmares. &uck you Lexus.

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