2015 Lincoln MKC

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What a good looking SUV this turns out to be.

Looking pretty much as good as the concept they showed us last year (Subaru should take a lesson, it can be done)
The interior looks great too, with buttons and real switches!
The seems to be no visible traces of the Escape it is based on.

I drove the new Escape a couple of time and came out very impressed. The new Lincoln version will be powered by an even more powerful 2.3 Liter Ecoboost with 275HP!
(The already great 2.0 Liter with 240HP is standard)

Let’s hope this does better than the MKZ sedan for Lincoln. While the MKZ is a nice car, it is way too close to the Fusion. For $15 000 more.

And let’s also hope they price this right this time. An Escape Titanium with the 2.0 Liter is already around $31 000. The popular Audi Q5 starts at around $39 000.
If Lincoln prices the MKC above the Q5, they will be killing it…

UPDATE: Official price starts at $34 000 for the 2.0 Liter version.
I think this is exactly where it should be. the 2.0 Liter is a great engine. Smoother and more powerful than the VW 2.0 Turbo used in the base Q5.
A good move from Lincoln!

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  1. I think the door panels might just be the most striking and interesting bits about it. Outside, you take away the rather polarizing front, and the less polarizing (and maybe even good looking) rear, and you're left with a rather dated and ho-hum design. But this could be a good segment for Lincoln, especially if they go after females like Mercury once did.

  2. This is really good looking. I don't see any resemblance to the Escape, which is a good thing. Although the Escape is a nice little SUV to drive, Lincoln needs to distinguish itself from For more. The MKZ is a nice design also, but the interior clearly feels like it's from a Ford. Hopefully Lincoln will do a better job with this.


    Badge engineering a Ford into a Lincoln. Business as usual at Ford Motor Company. Lincoln needs more… way more… than this. Give us a gorgeous Mark coupe, an absolutely elegant flagship sedan to succeed the aged Town Car… something original and tasteful that establishes a purpose for the Lincoln brand.

    Or a reworked Escape with a $10K price premium. That's cool too.

  4. 1:49

    Do you understand what badge engineering is? If so, please explain how this is badge engineered.

  5. Would be great to have it in Europe. But Lincoln is not in Europe…too bad. Instead we will have infamous next Lexus NX…

  6. I am impressed. Ford is next to broke, and that they managed to bring this out, is amazing. This will accompany the MKZ, and soon to be joined by the 2015 MKX and MKS(and a Navigator if the Expedition survives) that will be debuting at Detroit, and/or possibly at New York.

    Having a refreshed lineup will go a long ways, till they can have the profits to introduce in 2015, concepts foreshadowing the mustang-based coupe and 3-series competitor, that will then be launched in 2016, as 2017 models. If people then show a little faith in the company, it may just have the right stuff to out-compete Volvo, Acura, Buick, and other tier-2 luxury makes. Which will then allow them, in 2020, to once again to be on par with Cadillac and Lexus, in chasing the Germans.

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