2015 Lincoln MKX Video

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I think this is really nice so far.
I will experience it in person this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which should be fun.

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  1. Too bad they don't make a hybrid version of this and the Escape. It would sell like hotcakes. I am not sold on the shifter buttons. I picture trying to make a u-turn and how awkward and it would be to have to go from drive to reverse to drive in a hurry. I think these non- standard shifter buttons, dials and joystick toggles are novel but may confuse drivers and end up causing more accidents.

  2. I think for Ford, leave the CMAX as their Hybrid, but have an MKC no charge hybrid option for Lincoln like what they already do with the MKZ.


  3. It looks great. But what Lincoln needs is a revolution, and not these incremental improvements. Maybe Lincoln should ditch their lame strategy, and build a car that can compete with Tesla, and eat the ELR's lunch.

    When I was ten, I lusted after my neighbors black Mk VII. Today, now that I can afford any car I want, there is nothing in the Lincoln showroom. Nor is there anything that appeals to a young person who will be able to buy a luxury car in ten years. And that doesn't bode well for the brand's future.

    I think we know where this is headed.

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