2015 Mini Cooper/Cooper S

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I think it looks great. They did not screw it up.

Sure, the proportions are a little different. (Longer hood especially), but it is still obviously a Mini, which is great.

Even inside. The window switch have moved to the doors, but they have already done that on other models.
All new engines. A 3 cylinder with 134HP for the Cooper, and a 2.0 Liter with 192. Moth with Turbo.
6 speed manual and auto are available.

This is an all new car, based on an all new platform that will be used for many models from both Mini and BMW.
Including an all new 5 door version of the regular hatchback model.
And the next 1 series from BMW.

I will see it in person this week and report on it.

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  1. I like some of the new details too. The longer and higher hood is not working for me, though. Inevitable with current pedestrian protection legislation.

  2. What is the Mini for??? Fuel economy? spatial efficiency? Affordability? Innovative design? Reliability? Sporty driving experience? Power to weight ratio?

  3. What is it about the Mini that I don't like? Here are a few that comes to mind, starting with that low center of gravity, the smallish interior door handles and the girlie look of the car kinda like the all fem Fiat 500.

    What I do like? Seeing a hot babe driving one.

  4. Vince,

    Tell us if they've improved the quality of the interior. I test-drove one last year, and the seats just didn't have enough range to make me comfortable (I'm 6'3"). My knees were up in the air, which strained my back and made driving a chore. That's not a problem in any other BMW (or Mercedes, Audi, VW, Land Rover, even Fiat).

    Stuff looked good at first glance, but it was obvious why they painted everything black. Tons of cheap flimsy plastic (especially the center console).

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