2015/16 Large Cadillac

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Not sure what they will end up calling it. Since they are already using the name “XTS”…(ZTS?)

This was just sent to me. And it looks like a prototype, or design study, of their upcoming top of the line RWD sedan.
It is no secret that Cadillac is working on a RWD sedan above the XTS, competing, for the 1st time, with the S-Class and 7 series.

I think Cadillac is ready for it. With the success of the ATS and the all new CTS.

I am not sure if this picture represent the final design or not. It is obviously influenced by the Elmiraj concept, which is a good thing. But looks much less “flashy” than the new CTS.
Which could be a good way to go. (The Audi A8 seems pretty invisible and it seems to work for them.)
At least this large Cadillac seems to have a bit more personality than that…

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  1. It looks good, but has lost a lot of the show car glamour that made the Elmiraj such a homerun. Cadillac should make sure that this car pushes conventional design. To be taken seriously by buyers, Cadillac needs to be able to say "F&ck you" to the German benchmarks.

  2. Productionize it, and I think there would be far more 1998 Seville to it than any of their most recent concepts of note. I'll leave it at that!

  3. I do think Cadillac is on a roll but their big surprise hit at least in the South and East Coast is the XTS…..which is the same price as the the smaller CTS. I see XTS's everywhere. They originally planned it as a filler car, but I see it sticking around well after the the S-Class/7-series fighter hits the dealerships.

  4. Sadly they seem married to the new wreath-less, stretched crest badge. Too bad. The circular shape really stood out well agains the angular design language, while this new one blends right in and is much less a point of emphasis.

  5. Looks stunning, even for a photoshop! But no way would those rear windows be able to roll down like that.


  6. Whatever they do, I hope they give the damn thing a trunk. Every car they make right now has no rear end to it. The XTS is the worst in that regard. The Elmiraj concept was gorgeous. Being GM, I'm sure they'll find a way to totally screw it up before it hits the showroom floor.

  7. Please NO ! Too conservative. Again, they are following the 'hint of a fin',nothing rear end,and updated 70's front. Cadillac lovers,have been waiting 30 years for something thrilling.(I am under 50,and loved the classics, from boyhood),but, Cadillac always goes back to the same warmed over,cowardly left-overs,not from their golden age,but their declining era.Why do they even bother,with shoe car designs ,if they do not intend to build them? They better be careful,or will become another laughing stock,like Lincoln.

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