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There is no doubt the new Cadillac ELR looks fantastic. From any angle, in any color.
And after sitting in one, I can say the interior is as great as the exterior.

Just like the Chevrolet Volt, it doesn’t offer a sunroof.
They also got rid of the hatchback. So even though it looks like one, is has one of the tiniest trunk openings I have ever seen.
The tan interior (pictured here) is the same hue as the one offered in the Volt since last year. More like a beige light brown.
(Not as nice as the tan/black combo the Volt used to offer.)

And the huge flaw is of course the $75 000 price tag.
The fantastic design doesn’t cost more to make. The great interior is is not better than the new CTS. Or even the ATS.
And underneath, it is really the same as the $34 000 Volt. (It still uses the “not so quiet 1.4 Liter engine” as generator)
We are talking about a huge $41 000 premium for a better interior and design!

The pricing of this car has to be the weirdest business decision I have heard in years. About any product.

For whatever reason, GM has decided to kill this amazing looking car before it even comes out…

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  1. Agree with the great exterior design with pretty simple good looking lines. The interior seems way overdone. Should have keep with the more simple straight foreward idea inside as well.

  2. I love the design of this car, and was hoping to seriously consider it when it came out. I figured that they'd obviously make it competitive with the Tesla, since that's the benchmark today. And there'd be the added bonus of having the gas engine to deal with the range anxiety. With all that, $75k would be a bargain.


    A maximum of 260 miles on electricity is the benchmark set by Tesla. But a feeble 37 miles on electricity is just mind boggling. With such lousy electric range, it might as well not be an electric car at all. 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds is the benchmark, not the ELR's 8 seconds.

    So what Cadillac has done is to build a $75k gas engined vehicle that has the 0-60 performance of a Corolla.

    I love the looks of the ELR, but not the Cadillac image, electric range or the performance. I'm not even going to wait to drive it, because I'd be a fool to consider it. I've just placed an order for a Tesla with the 85kwh battery.

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