Electric VW Passat coming out?

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Sorry for the low quality of the pic, but I didn’t have my camera with me. So this blurry one is from my phone.
Taken yesterday in Los Angeles. While driving I noticed a Passat with what looked like some testing gear attached to it.
Then I noticed there was no muffler. (Which is actually hard to se on the picture…)
So this would be an EV version of the US Passat.

Not so far fetch since they announced the EV Golf in the US for next year…

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  1. No offense but what kind of camera are you using? It looks like you either photoshopped it and then put an effect on it or you're using a cameraphone from 2003. Perhaps you should upgrade your equipment, Vince?

  2. Like I just said, I didn't have my camera with me.
    And was driving around 60 on the freeway. So even with my iPhone 5S, this came out blurry. Sorry..

  3. Passat PHEV is planned using same technology as A3 e-tron and Golf e-motion (2014) but no pure EV.
    So not sure if lack of muffler is indication of pure EV or it's just hidden.

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