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I had the chance to finally drive the Ford Fusion a few days ago. Different versions of it actually.
In person, it is as good looking as in pictures. This is easily one of the best looking sedan around, at any price.
The fact that it is affordable is even better. It does prove that great looking designs do NOT cost more to produce.

 Same thing inside. Modern, simple with very good quality materials. (Very few cheaper hard plastic bits around. Which is fine as this isn’t a luxury car.)

Of course, the only problem is still the crappy Microsoft Sync system. Just use it without the voice recognition and it’s fine…

 The gauges are great. Again, simple and modern. Easy to read and use.

Back seat is not as roomy as the Passat. But better than the Malibu.
It is just fine.

What is the most amazing about the Fusion is how it drives. Immediately, you notice the steering. Is is so good. In my opinion, it’s about as good as a steering gets in a FWD car. Fluid, with plenty of feel. Not to light.
Right there, it feels like a much more expensive car.

The overall driving experience is, of course,  very European . Since it is basically the same car as the European Mondeo. (Finally)
The ride is firm and very comfortable.
The 2.0 Liter Turbo is a great engine and a perfect match for the car. Fast and smooth. (Although maybe not quite as quiet as the GM unit in the Regal and Malibu.)

The smaller 1.6 Liter still has enough power. But it is a little bit rougher and noisier. As expected I guess.
As usual, city MPG with a turbo is actually just OK. I did match the official 22 MPG number.
But I did manage above 34 MPG HWY, a bit better than the 32MPG official.

The Fusion is one of the very best mid sized sedan you can get.
It looks and drives great. I would really recommend it to anyone looking for a family car.

I can actually say, that if I was in the market, this is the car I would get. (With the 2.0 Liter engine.)

This is one version we do not get in the US: The hatchback. Which I think looks great.

We also do not get the panorama glass roof option. ( I guess it would compete with the All Glass Opening roof from the Lincoln MKZ…)

Too bad…

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  1. I am still shocked at how good looking these are. It's like a concept car that Ford actually built. Especially since ford doesn't have a good track record with actually producing cars that resemble their concepts. Certain wheel options make a big difference, but no matter what options you get, it looks stellar compared to the Camry or Sonata.

    It's a huge relief that buyers have flocked to this car. I assumed that it would be too stylish to appeal to the average american. There are so many crap designs clogging the highways these days, but the roads are a little prettier today because of the Fusion.

  2. Great looking car. But seems a bit big for a 2.0L engine. Especially when Darts come in 2.0 or 2.4. And the mileage is great compared to smaller & cheaper looking cars like Camry & Accord. (Not quite 41 mpg Dart territory, but quite respectable nonetheless).

  3. Regarding the Euro Mondeo: we are still waiting for it to be sold due to the closing of the Belgian fatory and the relocation in Spain. Almost 18 months delay.
    Otherwise, we can get a hatchback, but unfortunately, the panorama glass roof doesn't open (contrary to the panorama glass roof of the wagon which is shared with the Kuga/Escape and is openable), plus the view inside the cabin is pretty spoiled by the architecture of the glassroof (too far back and narrow): to me it's a failure.

    I wish we could have a hatchback with a proper sunroof in Europe.

  4. Anonymous the Dart's engine 2.0/2.4 is NOT Turbo charged. One of the biggest gripes about the Dart is lack of power.

  5. I wanted a fusion badly; and likely would be driving one now, however the dealers were completely useless…called 5 dealers, not one called me back, when I talked to a dealer finally, they were able to answer such difficult questions as "when are you getting your next ship so I can drive one?";…. Figured, if that's what they're like when they want my money – imagine how crappy they'll be when they have it….bought an Optima Hybrid instead

  6. Anon 9:18

    The same thing happened to me. I wanted to buy one of these for my mother, but there weren't any available at the dealer for her to drive other than the base base base models that are sold to municipal agencies. The same thing happened two weeks later. It's clear that the dealers have been overwhelmed by the demand, and unable to say with certainty when a car would be available. Her Volvo had totally died and she needed a car immediately, so she ended up with a VW CC. But she still loves the looks of the Fusion.

  7. Wow that gear indicator is a bad throwback to the 80's… a digital display wouldn't have broken the bank.

    Also this car is kinda top heavy in person. I prefer the clean lines of the Accord better.

  8. December 1, 2013 at 8:28 AM

    The intercooled Turbo Multiair is the 1.4 in the Dart. Both that and the 2.4 have great power– the 2.0 is much more anemic. Rumor has it that a 2.4 turbo+intercooler may show up for 2014 to blow them all away.

  9. I sat in one at an auto show a few years ago, and I literally could not fit. My head was in the ceiling and there was no way to adjust the height of the seat (that I could find). I was horrifically disappointed as I was really eager about this because I liked the 2010 – 2012 Fusion. It was an SE.

    I'm shocked about that awkward display. Why is the PRNDS circa 1980, yet the tachometer is digital??? I have a 2012 Focus and my gear selector of part of the Main screen. I also appreciate my speedometer in my Focus as well. I'm put off my the missing numbers. I know the lines are there, but it just rubs me the wrong way.


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