L.A Auto Show: Battle of the doors. CLA vs A3

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There will be plenty of competition next year between these 2 small german sedan: The Mercedes CLS and Audi A3.

I sat in both of them today.

-None of them are very roomy. Both of them have very limited legroom in the back.
-The Audi does look more conservative. Like more muscular version of the 1st A4.
-The Mercedes is more modern inside too.

So basically, it will be a matter of choice.

But none of them feel as heavy and solid as other models of their respective brands.
Close the doors of the A3 and it is fine. Until you do the same with an A4.
The A4 does sound amazing . Like closing a bank safe.

The A3 and CLA are now “just another car”.
They just don’t feel that special.

At a starting price of $30 000, they don’t really offer what make these expensive brands so special…

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  1. The CLA is assembled in Hungary, according to Car & Driver. Another way to cut corners like VW building cars in Mexico.

  2. But the CLA has a lousy suspension. A3 will not. VW's cheapest car has a better suspension than the economy car based CLA.

  3. "the CLA has a lousy suspension"
    I haven't driven the CLA, but I have driven the Canadian-market B, which is on the same platform. The suspension is fine. Stability is great without AWD, it's tight, comfortable (not bone-jarring like most Audis). It's not a car that will win the Dakar Rally or the Daytona 500 out of the box, but it's better than most for a family car.
    You can always pay extra for the AMG version if you are haunted by feelings of inadequacy.

  4. Mercedes clientele is exactly that. People feeling inadequate. They Gotta have that Mercedes badge.

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