Los Angeles Auto Show “Day one”.

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 As you can see, the L.A Auto show isn’t ready yet.
I went this morning, which was supposed to be the 1st of 3 press days. But nothing.
The press was not even allowed in most of it yet.
(looks like they should stick to their usual ” 2 press days” schedule next time…)

Still, it was interesting to see all these people working on these amazing displays. It is so much amazing work! (And also quite fun to see car execs rehearsing their speeches. )
I did get a chance to “steal” some pix while I was there. After being told multiple times “no pictures please”.

 A Beetle with a Jetta cover. Not sure what they are covering. Probably the 1.8 Liter Turbo version, I guess.

 Making sure all cars are super shinny for photographers tomorrow.

 This does look great in person. Let’s hope their next “US made” crossover looks exactly like it.

 The all new Mini Cooper and Cooper S.

 The new Audi A3 sedan. (The platform also had the E-Tron version of the hatchback, as well as the convertible)

 On my way out, I saw this lonely guy…

 The magic trucks that bring all the goodies!

So far the newest thing I saw. The all new Kia K900. Looking pretty impressive in person.

More tomorrow and the next day, as I am going back for the “real” press days.

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  1. VW is starting to tick me off. They have been showing the Golf 7 for months now. They only plan to start selling in in about 8 months from now. We get it VW, you made a new car, now just sell the damn thing already.

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