More pictures of the new Honda Civic Tourer

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This modern looking wagon is based on the Euro Civic Hatchback. So this is not for us.
Which is too bad.

You would think maybe Acura could use something that stands out in a crowd…

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  1. Acura does need things to stand out in the crowd. But this isn't that product, unless they want to continue their slide down-market to become plain old Honda badged products in the US. And maybe they should do just that since they don't seen to be able to pull the division together.

    This Tourer is interesting and I like that they've actually offered a wagon. But the execution is, like many other Hondas, just awkward. They should have introduced the Jade to Europe and NAmerica. But Honda is intent on making all compact and smaller vehicles Fit-based. A shame really cuz its cheapening their product line and their reputation.

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