Next Nissan Cube?

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At firs tit might look like the small NV200 van. But I drove one recently (review coming up) and it is not it.
The only thing it could be is the next Cube.

I’ve heard that Nissan might not bring the next version of the Cube over to the US.
Even though sales were down to about 7700 units last year, they peaked at 22 968 back in 2010.

These numbers might not be enough fir another US Cube. Although this picture was indeed taken in the US….

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  1. Cube was cancelled last year in US and also this year in canada. A good quality car but ugly as shit, no wonder

  2. The Nissan Cube is still available in Canada too…

    Looking at this picture, I seriously doubt that this could be the next Cube. The wheels have 5 nuts and the overall looks too big to be the mule of such a small vehicle.

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