Nissan BladeGlider Concept

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At first I dismissed this as one of these pure concepts that will never make it into production.
Something too wild to even influence future Nissan models.
But then. I read the official Press Kit.

And I found this:
More than a concept, Nissan BladeGlider is both a proposal for the future direction of Nissan electric vehicle (EV) development and an exploratory prototype of an upcoming production vehicle from the world’s leading EV manufacturer.”

When Nissan BladeGlider matures into a production car, it could be Nissan’s first use of in-wheel motors. The in-wheel motors provide rear-wheel propulsion with independent motor management, while also contributing to freedom of upper body design and space-efficient packaging.

Which means they are really considering building something like this.
Quite amazing. I am not sure how much of the original design they will be able to keep, but this is great news. We need more original and weird stuff around!

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  1. this is a waste of energy, resources and anything else you can come up with. Hugely disappointed that all these efforts could have gone into something real. This is like Hyundai building ultra luxury cars only worse. Why worse mr. Ghosn? because even if it is built , you will sell 4 per annum. What ever happened to lasting profitable growth, and if it's not profitable , we won't build it. Time for a new leader. This is a sign of lost direction.

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