Subaru Crossover 7 Concept

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 Subaru did say they will be a replacement for the Tribeca.
So a big wagon does make sense.

But it looks a lot like the 2009 Exiga pictured bellow.
Like an updated, not “all new”, version.

Maybe they decided to bring the Exiga over after all. Jacked up with a new front end and other small changes. So Americans will think it’s “brand new”.

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  1. The Exiga (and the pic is definitely just a facelifted version of the current car) is more closely related to the Impreza than the Legacy/Liberty. It is therefore smaller than a Tribeca. The current Exiga was initially sold in Australia as a six-seater because the middle-row centre-seat did not have a lap-sash seatbelt. This was rectified and it is now sold in Oz in fairly small numbers as a 7-seater.

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