Subaru Legacy Concept

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 Sure, not bad. Another nice looking midsize car for the US. We have so many now.
(Plus that front end is already the new Hyundai grille)

But wait, this is NOT the next Legacy. The real thing will be nothing like this!
They pulled that trick before. They always come out with very nice looking concept and translate them into the most horrible production designs.

 Just like the WRX concept from last year. Very nice looking . But from what we’ve seen so far, the production model looks like crap compared to this.

Remember that one? The Impreza concept. And look at the production version right under it.
I’m afraid it will be the same with today’s Legacy concept.

What they do is really shameful. Showing us they have the ability to design nice looking cars.
Yet, they are incapable of producing any of them…

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  1. I miss the days, when Subaru tried something new – like the original Tribeca or the concepts of that time (B5, B11S etc.).

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, Vince. Subaru has been a huge let down recently with the exception of maybe the BRZ. After seeing the leaked images of the new WRX, I'll never let a Subaru concept excite me again.

    I'm not saying that Subaru's are bad cars, it's just their designs are so dated and ugly. If they could get their production cars to look half as good as their concepts, they'd really have something going for them besides AWD.

  3. I don't understand these production ready designs that become mutated. Chrysler was able to do it just fine back in the day.

  4. For Subaru, it's about costs to design to engineer or rather lack of commitment to design. This is what happens to any company that leans heavily on the bean counter side when design is dumped as a priority and those who make the final decision side with the bean counters.

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