Subaru WRX

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 New for the rear view.
As bad as from the front.

There is just no excuse for this, especially after showing us the connect pictured bellow a year ago.

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  1. This is pathetic. I don't see how any designer can jump from the beautiful concept to the disgusting release and say they only made a few modest compromises.

    Subie needs to learn from Mazda (lately).

  2. I'm not a fan of the design, but come on….we all knew that the real car was going to be nothing like the concept. This was crystal clear after Subaru's "concept" for the current Impreza. Definitely misleading and lame, but definitely not a shocker coming from Subaru 😉

  3. The front is really bad – droopy and all. The back is not so bad – Civicsque – but definitely a big letdown as a WRX. I have the hatch Impreza Sport and I think it would have looked better dressed up similar to this. Either way, Subaru could have redesigned the doors, front, and back a bit more while using the whole space frame and still could have come a bit closer to the concept. But alas, it really had to use the same side glass materials. LAME big time!

  4. I think Honda has spoiled us with its "concepts." Subaru has clearly demonstrated that it incorporates some concept elements to the production versions and has done so. Still Subarus are as ugly as that Swedish brand that recently disappeared.

  5. They already built the concept and it looks amazing. Looks like they decided to go a different route totally. The car looks nothing like the concept at all.

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