2015 Subaru WRX

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The good : 268HP from a 2.0 Liter engine and 6 speed manual. AWD.
The bad: Everything your eyes can see.

This is, to me, one of the ugliest car at the Auto Show. (The other one being the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage).
It is so sad looking. Nothing works. It looks like a car from 1985 that has been kept alive with too many updates. But this is an all new 2015 model!
And it is even worse when you look at the detailing. (Bottom pic)

There is no excuse for this. A good design does NOT cost more.

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  1. "I bought my Subaru WRX for its looks."

    -said nobody, ever.

    When you get a chance Google 1985 Subaru GL to see how wrong you are about this looking like an '80s car.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, Vince. It's really sad that this is the new WRX. It's still just an Impreza with a few styling changes and a turbo slapped on.

    I'm sure Subaru will still sell a ton of them though because Subaru buyers tend not to care about a nice looking design.

  3. Why did they even spend the money to have different tools for just SLIGHTLY different looks??? They might as well have just used what they already had with the Impreza body and just changed the lights but still make them fit in the same body molds.


  4. The tail lights and entire rear are a cheap and wimpy design. And that sucks, because that's what most people will see.

  5. Sadly, despite being very good cars, Subaru has never been able to produce a really good looking vehicle and although Subaru buyers obviously don't demand it, I can't imagine them objecting either…."oh that's just too good looking, I think I'll pass on it" (said nobody ever!!!)

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