Toyota Aqua Air Concept

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Looks like a convertible version of the Prius C. (Which is called the Aqua in Japan)

I actually love the idea of a Hybrid convertible. No one has done it yet. (I guess the ever shrinking convertible market doesn’t really help)

I drove the Prius C last year and thought it felt really cheap. Although quite comfortable.
But a 50MPG convertible seems like a good idea.
Although there is already the VW Beetle diesel. A much more solid feeling car than the Prius C.
And much quicker too. Plus it does get over 50MPG already, on the freeway.

Still, this could be interesting…

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  1. Call it the Paseo Hybrid and bring it to the US. This only toy cars we have in the US now are the Mini and the 500. Why not get in on the hype?

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