2014 Hyundai Azera is $1250 cheaper

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It now starts at $31 000, with more stuff.
Like rear view camera and a 6 inch color screen.

A better equipped Limited model starts at $34 750.

These are very competitive prices.  A V6 Impala starts at about $200 less only.
But Hyundai positions the Azera against more expensive sedans like the Acura TL or Buick Lacrosse.

And it doesn’t look like the are reducing the price because of slow sale numbers. These numbers are up 34% this year. (And that’s before the price cut.)

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  1. Sales increases of this whale are misleading. A 34% increase from 3 is only 4. The sales are so bad that Hyundai is basically giving them away to anyone that shows any interest. This is pure mediocracy.

  2. This is one of the best deals out there in this class. The only thing holding this back is the Cadenza.

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. Ok.

    I'm not seeing many of these on the roads at all. As much as I personally like this car, I think Hyundai made a mistake by designing it to resemble the Sonata. They should have gone a little further in differentiating the two cars design-wise.

  4. I've seen this "more stuff" nonsense on every website. The Azera has had a rear view camera standard since the 2012 redesign. The 2014 is cheaper because they TOOK AWAY, the previously standard navigation system. The 2014 just has a big touch screen radio.

  5. The problem with the Azera is that it is essentially nothing more than a V6 Sonata now, instead of a completely different model with unique styling. It's still a good car, but will never achieve the sales numbers Hyundai wants because the Genesis is way too close in size and price, while offering more perceived cachet. The parallels between Santa Fe/Veracruz and Sonata/Azera are obvious.. wonder if the next Sonata becomes a "Sport" so Azera can take the Sonata name?

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