2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe illustrations

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The all new Coupe version of the ATS will be introduced next month.
Meanwhile, many people have tried to guess what it will look like.
These are just a few samples.
Going from the pretty realistic 2 door sedan idea, to the strange non-Cadillac looking at all. (black one).

My favorite is actually the clay model from GM’s design studio. (Bottom pic).
It is weird and fun. I just would love to see it in the streets…

But, from the spy pix we have already seen, it looks like the 2 door sedan approach is the more realistic one.
Let’s hope GM surprises up with something more original…

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  1. We've seen the spy photos… and we know their track record; Cadillac won't be surprising us with anything other than how sad they are.

  2. "…and we know their track record; Cadillac won't be surprising us with anything other than how sad they are."

    And their track record is what? Building the only cars that can handily compete with the 3 series and the 5 series and the M cars? Or building one of the best selling luxury SUVs? Or by offering one of the best selling Crossovers? Please explain why they are so "sad." Cadillac is among the very few luxury carmaker that are actually showing huge sales growth. Given that the coupes in the above four images are derived from the existing ATS, it's entirely plausible that they will look something similar.

  3. I hope they don't give us that exaggerated bloated rear quarter like the CTS coupe, that is all I ask.

  4. My mistake. And I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but you see growth, I see a warmed over LaCrosse (an improvement if you can get by its awkward styling, and the fact that it's a disgrace), a rebadged Tahoe (that only wins when matched up against the likes of the Navigator), a cheap Mexican-built SRX, a Mexican-built EXT, and a wagon that nobody buys. I actually like the CTS coupe but, sadly, nobody buys those either (and there probably won't be another one). There's nothing wrong with the ATS (if you're still hot for its dated design), but (shhh) it's selling far below GM's projections (about 50% of the way there, last I checked) . We'll see what the ELR and new CTS do (not that I care). Maybe they'll do well, maybe they won't. My point: despite what Cadillac "fans" will tell you, the above mentioned products–whether they sell or don't sell–are simply appliances. Nothing more. They do build some nice concepts though, I'll give them that. (And… IMHO, the renderings, the first of which looks pretty much like what I expect the real thing to look like, blows.)

  5. If Caddy is smart, they wont go too extreme in the proportions of a ATS Coupe. The CTS Coupe's beltline was just out of hand and too severe for most buyers to appreciate. Think 'windows', Cadillac.

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