2015 Jaguar XS

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This just an illustration. Looking just OK.
Let’s hope the real thing is actually more original. As it should be.

There are now rumors about starting price at a bit over $30 000. Which could be slightly cheaper than the new C-Class.
This will share its new platform with the SUV we saw as a concept a few months ago. And although the SUV concept already came out, the production version of the sedan will be available before the SUV.
A coupe is also supposed to follow. And maybe a convertible since now even the C-Class will have one.

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  1. Ok.

    It looks like someone photoshopped a Cadillac ATC or CTS. At least that's what the greenhouse reminds me of…

  2. It's based on a ATS picture. Let's hope the reel thing dosen't look like this. Jaguar has to come up with a more upscale design.

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