2015 Mercedes C-Class

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These are the clearest pictures, so far, I have seen of the all new C-Class.
And it is still looking good. (If a bit droopy in the back…)

Again, like a mini S-Class. Which does give it a really luxurious feel. The interior so far looks best in class.

Not only will it compete with the 3 series and A4, but here in the US, with the all new Infiniti Q50.
(Which will be very tough for the Q…)

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  1. That is a very attractive Mercedes. I believe they have really stepped up there game. The real question will be, how well will it preform against BMW and Audi.

  2. For the first time since it's inception the C-class is big enough to be practical. The GLK will be a hit as well. GLk spy photos indicate a much more attractive design than the current dorkey one. Driving either one of them will no longer come across as "I could not afford the E or the M class so I go the C or the GLK instead."

  3. Looks like a Town Car in some respects. Too bad Lincoln can't build anything that looks like this today.

  4. Looking pretty good overall. I sat in a CLA at the autoshows, and the one thing that kind of surprised me was how cheap the round air vents looked. The plastichrome really stood out badly compared to everything else. I know that these round vents are a unifying theme these days at Mercedes, but I've never found them that attractive in pictures. They were worse in person (and interestingly, they are absent from the S-Class). Overall things look great, but this detail was a surprising disappointment. #2cents

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