2015 Mustang Convertible

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Looking good. Fine…
But still, not enough of a change from the current model. It just doesn’t have that “all new” feel. Like the 2005 had when it came out…

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  1. I tell you, after some time to digest things a bit, I'm actually BORED with the looks of it. I think they did an alright job, but I think they played it too safe. And I agree, they didn't go far enough.

    Close… but no cigar.

  2. It is ok but doesn't have any wow factor. That being said, seeing it in person might change my mind.

  3. I remember how disappointed I was by that ugly and pathetically retro 2005 Mustang so…horses for courses. At least this one finally has IRS.

  4. Of course if they changed it too much, no one would hear the end of it. I think it is well balanced as an evolution of the previous generations. That's right, "generations"

  5. If they changed it too much, everyone would be crying foul! I think this Mustang is perfectly balanced with a future style and previous styles. This is the first Mustang that I've been interested in to tell you the truth.

    – FusioptimaSX

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