2015 Mustang in the flesh.

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I finally got to see the new Mustang.

But the Venice beach event wasn’t that great. They had only one car and it was off limit. So no time inside.
It was more like a regular Mustang gathering with tons of other models from various years. And the one 2015 model.

But, it is obvious that the car does look better in the flesh. And more different than it appears on pictures.
Too bad they chose the red and black wheel combo for the display car. Which makes it look cheap.

The interior seems much better than the current model. (Even though the door panels are still covered in hard plastics.)

I still think the 2005 redesign was much better. Simpler, cleaner.
But the 2015 is just fine. With a great stance. (It is wider and lower than the current one and it shows in person)

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  1. I've been staring at this thing for the better part of a day, and the more I look at it, I like it. I really like the view of the car from the rear 3/4. Very nice!

    Now, I am very curious how it drives! I'm hoping the new IRS is worth the wait!

  2. To me, the design of the new Mustang looks simple & clean. There are no unnecessary plastic vents, wings, louvers, wheel arch trim, etc. The lack of tacked on crap a la "Pep Boys" and "Pontiac" is a welcome change. I just hope they can keep restraining themselves and NOT put on any racing stripes. They are nothing but decals that look like total crap once the car get some age on it.

  3. I stumbled across this in venice too! Nice looking car, but the event did suck, and they roped off the car making it impossible to take good pics. I didnt see anyone there with mop hair or horrible teeth, Vince must have had another disguise on….

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