2015 Mustang

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A few more pix before the official stuff tomorrow.

I still think it looks too much like the current one.
An all new Mustang should be all new. Again, like J.May’s design was in 2005.

This one looks like it doesn’t know what it is.

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  1. I think this is a perfect blend of new and evolutionary from the retro style of 2005-2014. This is the first Mustang that I'm excited about to tell you the truth. I actually want one when I didn't before!


  2. The DLO could be from many a Japanese or Korean car (the blacked out b-post, even though it's sleeker, was a mistake for this car); the foglights are a mess; the grill seems out of proportion to the headlights (and looks heavy when compared to the rest of the car–which is very taut, but not quite taut enough where it should be); and the whole thing comes off as cheaper looking (while giving off a strong Olds Alero vibe)… at least in the pics I've seen. I hope the high performance versions have that over-the-top "American" look and attitude that's expected of a muscle car.

  3. The nose of the car looks way too big for the rest of the car. And what's with the lowerd roofline that makes the side windows so small? Does anyone like that on the camaro? And the fastback roof looks to make the back seat only for toddlers, and they expect to sell that in europe? As was said, the Giugiaro show car design was so much better.

  4. Still one more day to go for the official launch and I'm not yet ready to kick the new Mustang's design.

    Maybe…just maybe Ford just may have pulled this off.

    We shall see.

  5. I guess Subaru is not the only one with a concept to production problem..this Mustang is less than what I expected. But, hey, so what?

  6. IT… just… misses.

    And I REEEEAALLLY LOVED what they'ld been doing for most of this last decade.`

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