2015/16 VW Passat

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This is just another illustration.
Showing the European version of the Passat.

For the current generation, the US model has a different design.
The current Euro model is still pretty much the same car we had here before, so it is really due for a new model.

Not sure if both US and Euro models will merge again for the next generation.
It is supposed to be based on a stretched Golf VII platform.

An all new 200hp plug in Hybrid model could also be offered.

No matter what, it looks like we should , again, expect something super conservative and boring for the big VW. 

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  1. HA, it's like they took boring and slapped on a coat of ugly. Luckily, it's just because this is a horrid render.

    Looks like the 2 Passats will be one again because they figured out how to get the US to buy them again. It was a brilliant move when you really think about it. The funny part is that NA got a "new" vehicle while the Euro Passat just received a (although extensive) refresh.

    – FusioptimaSX

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