2016 Mercedes E-Class (?)

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mercedes e eclass new 2016 2017 spy shot car next e

It does look like it could be the next E-Class sedan. And was taken in the US, obviously.

Unless it is something else. But I don’t think there is another Mercedes Sedan coming out soon.
(C-Class Convertible, face-lifted CLS and B-Class,  S-Class Coupe/Convertible and GLK seem to be the next ones coming up)

Or something totally different?  The camouflage seems to be matching what Mercedes has been using for the past few years.
But who knows….

What do you think?

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  1. It looks pretty big to me but also a bit sportier. Could it be the AMG version of the next S-Class 4 doors Coupe?

  2. I am thinking an in between CLA/CLS class. There is a lot of room between the two series. It is obviously larger than the new C class and not as big as the S class. It also look a lot sleeker than what a next generation E class would be, the trunk looks too small. That is just my opinion.

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