BMW 3 series “Grand Coupe”

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How many versions of the new 3 series can they be?  A sedan, a GT hatchback, a coupe (4 series), an X4 crossover. Now this. One of these “4 door coupes”.

From these patent designs, it doesn’t look that slick. It looks like what the regular 3 series should have looked like in the  1st place.
From the rear view, it seems like it could be a hatchback too. (?)
Then why the Gt version?

Is BMW that confused?

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  1. The GT has the rear legroom of a 7 series & headroom comparable to a 5 series. The other 3 series models are more compact in the back seat (including the wagon). This car will essentially be a 4 door 4 series.

  2. If you ignore those fancy version names for a sec then it's really not that long ago we had all those variants in most models:

    – Coupe
    – Sedan
    – Liftback/hatchback
    – Wagon

    In US last 2 were replaced by SUV's and crossovers sadly.
    This looks to me like a liftback and not much a hatchback. Hatchback is much more straight (e.g. Mazda 3 series or A3 sportback).

    I think Audi A5 Sportback (similar to A7 but smaller and less fat) looks great. So maybe this might be ok.

  3. Sigh – this smells like desperation to me…

    Personally, I feel that the German auto world has become so boring. Everything is based on the same design within each manufacturer and the design is offered in S M or L sizes with several variations within each size. Yet, unfortunately, they basically all look the same.

    It feels as if they are all too scared to develop models with truly unique designs unless they are electric…

  4. Considering the 3 series GT, this doesn't make any sense. So this is really just a 3 series gt sedan.

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