Nissan Altima convertible: Never made it…

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Looks like Nissan was really considering a convertible version of the Altima coupe.
At least at some point.

I always thought it would ave been good competition to the Solara Convertible. Or Sebring.
They obviously decided against it. (Somehow, someone at Nissan thought a convertible version of the Murano made more sense…)

Since they don’t even have a 2 door version of the Altima anymore, I guess we’re not going to see a convertible anytime soon.

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  1. LOL at your Murano convertible mention.

    I saw an Altima coupe last night and thought to myself, "Wow, that looks dated." I don't know why, I liked the looks of it at first, but it didn't hold up long, IMO.

  2. Nissan has never been good at offering convertibles. They botch it every time. The coupe was destined to be a car for secretaries. A convertible would be used solely as rental cars in Florida and CA. Oddly though, they built the murano convertible.

  3. yes the Altima coupe was a pretty car in it's day. they stopped production now. the main reason it didn't sell better was because of nissans decision to shorten the wheelbase of the sedan platform. This in essence rendered the back seat 100%USELESS. This made it a 2 seater.

  4. I own a 2010 altima coupe v6sr and its pretty amazing. People at my job thinks its a 2013. I wish they still made them pretty quick car and fun to drive. Back seat is useless tho but I love my acoupe

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