VW sells 100 000 US diesels in 2013

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Which is pretty amazing. In a country that wasn’t buying diesel cars just a few years ago. (Or just a few.)
And there will be selling much more next year. Since an all new Golf will come out. (I am sure it will be more popular than the current aging model.)
And the GTI will have its own diesel version, the GTD.

I have driven different versions of VW’s DTI engine in the past couple of years. In the Golf, Jetta, Beetle and Passat.
For some reason, it is noisier in the Passat.
But great in all other models. Their DTI totally changed the way I used to think about diesels.

Mileage is always much better than advertised. (Never less than 50MPG on the HWY)

Still, it is old fuel. Not a new technology at all. But until everything goes electric, I think it is a really good choice to save gas.

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  1. It may not be new, but it is still one of the best engines ever created. I drove a manual TDI wagon a while back and was completely blown away by it. Powerful and FUN! My next car is more than likely going to be a 2015 Golf TDI Wagon, manual of course!

  2. Convenient and typical for VW/Audi to leave out hybrid sales: 460K ytd. PHEV was another 86K.

    Diesel doesn't make as much sense in US: diesel fuel is more expensive and in mixed traffic hybrids will outperfom diesels easily. And expect hybrid/PHEV prices to further fall a bit with lot more models.

    Audi/VW is doing everything to get people in US to buy diesels. Point in case they complained that diesels are unfairly treated since they don't get incentives like EV?! Supposedly their US Survey found that public supports that. Crazy…. Also let's keep calling it 'clean' (now dares to say that even about the Prius which gets better mpg).

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