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Can’t afford an Audi Q5, or a VW Touareg?
Get a Zotye instead, you will end up with a little bit of both.
(It is the exact same size as the Q5.)

As you can see, the new T600 is yet another Chinese copy.
For now you are getting a 1.5 Liter engine with 150HP. Later a larger 2.0 Liter with 177HP will be an option.

But the main attraction here is the price.
Which comes out to around $13 000 to $16 000. (!)
Yes. Unbeatable…

I can’t help but wondering if there would be a market for something like this in the US.
Something that looks a bit upscale, for about $15 000. (For people who don’t mind driving a copy of something else)

After all, Trader Joe’s is selling millions of $1.99 wine bottles every year. So people do buy cheap stuff…

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  1. I'll buy a $2000 Chinese built TV. But there's a 20% chance that it won't last through three years. I'll buy a Chinese built iPhone because it's an american company and you can't get a decent alternative and I'll throw it away in two years anyway. But I'll never buy a Chinese vehicle as long as they continue to make durable goods built with the same quality as disposable goods. Just look at Volvo now. Complete trash.

  2. @Anon#1, this is a blog about cars, not just about cars for sale in the US.

    @Anon#2, Volvos are still engineered and assembled in Sweden, last time everyone checked. The Chinese (Geely) merely owns them.

  3. @Anon#2 – what Soul Brother 7 said! I've owned 4 Volvos and currently have an XC70, best cars I've ever owned.

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