2015 Audi Q3 (US)

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These are pictures of the US version of the small Q3 SUV.
It is not a new model since it has been on sale in Europe since June 2011.
(After claiming the US would never get this, it looks like they changed their minds.)

Not pricing yet, but it should be a bit above the new A3 sedan which starts at $30 000.

The US model gets quite a long list of standard equipment:

-200HP 2.0 Liter Turbo (Less power than the same engine in the GTI or Beetle)
-Panoramic sunroof
-Xenon/LED lights
-Heated seats
-Leather seats

FWD is standard and Quattro is an option.

The whole thing looks Audi generic. A blend of everything else they make.

The new Mercedes GLA seems a bit roomier. And a much more original design in my opinion.
We will have to see how these 2 will be priced in the US.
As the A3 and CLA sedans are about the same price.

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  1. Will you look at that: the rear door panels are finished like the front… with contrasting colors. Did you hear that, Acura?

  2. It looks like all the other Audi's but it really seems to work for a package of this size. LIKE it.

  3. Could be decent replacement for the A3 hatchback (sportback) since we won't get that one (except for the low volume e-tron PHEV model '15).

    Bland but not that different from most models in this segment.

    The GLA seems more of a hatchback than an SUV. So not sure if they compete unless there will be GLA with more ground clearance and AWD.

  4. You would think that Audi would take the opportunity with these new models to show a new direction. But, no! The current design looked pretty nice a few years ago, but now it is a little worn out. Even MB starts looking a little different.

  5. Ok… just noticed something. The back of the front seats are indented for more leg room (good!) but still look like they belong in a luxury vehicle. So…. when will auto makers STOP putting the map pockets on the back. Aren't maps really of limited use now with GPS Navi? And then,… there's the glovebox and front bins to put those few pesky maps in. Evolve!

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