2015 Chrysler 200

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chrysler 200 chrysler200 new200 2002015 chrysler2015

chrysler 200 chrysler200 new200 2002015 chrysler2015

chrysler 200 chrysler200 new200 2002015 chrysler2015

chrysler 200 chrysler200 new200 2002015 chrysler2015

This is it, and it is looking good.

Although…. Not very original. I see a lot of the Fusion in here. Even some Insignia/Regal from some angles.
Of course, it is so much better than the current model. (But anything would be.)
Let’s hope this will be enough for Chrysler to become a player in the mid size segment. Finally.

So far we know that the base engine will be the “Tigershark” (what a stupidly obnoxious name) 2.4 Liter with 184HP.
Which sounds all fine. But reviews have been mostly trashing that engine for being too rough and unrefined.
The step up will be the3.6 Liter V6 with 295HP.

Most buyers in that segment actually get the base engine. Which in the case of most of the competition, is a modern smooth 4 cylinder.
Let’s hope the 2.4 has been revised and upgraded to better compete.

More on this very soon.

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  1. For two years all we've heard is chrysler Execs telling us how beautiful this will be…..And this is it?!?! It's ok looking I guess… but the front is boring and the c-pillar is terrible… the thick c-pillar and rear door window was the best part of the 200concept, and none of that was translated into this design. I wish them the best- but I dont think this has what it takes to become a mainstream player, unless they continue to sell them at rock bottom prices

  2. It looks like some VW designers got their hands on a Fusion. I can't say I like it.

    I think it's time they canned the 200 name. It's not a luxury car. Clearly. And compared to the 300, it looks like it's from a totally different universe.

    This won't make much of a splash I'm afraid.

  3. I'm not seeing how this is attractive other than maybe the tail end, a little. The 3/4 profile is boring and bland at best, and the front end looks hideously cheap and unimaginative.

    Maybe it will come off better in real life, like the Cherokee did, but just because this is better than the current car doesn't make it close to looking decent.

  4. It looks better but it doesn't stand out. Supposedly this is supposed to hail the new design direction at Chrysler, but I don't see how. Can you picture a bigger version of this as the 300? If anything it's bringing Chrysler out of the near luxury segment and turning it into a mainstream brand.

  5. Too bad it looks so generic. Say what you will about the current 200 (and it truly is the last of the K cars), at least it's handsome and somewhat distinctive.

    I see a lot of Kia in the front, and some BMW in the rear.

    Those polished chrome rims on the blue car (which I presume is the top-spec model) are ugly, and 15 years out of date.

    As I've commented before, it's like Chrysler is trying so hard to say "we're not Fiat" that they deliberately release second-rate stuff.

  6. Love to read you, BUT when are you going to be so NEGATIVE towards Chrysler? They are having real good and nice products, so C'mon be a good boy and change your attitude, try at least to drive them before trashing them.

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