2015 Hyundai Genesis

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hyundai genesis 2015genesis new car
hyundai genesis 2015genesis new car
hyundai genesis 2015genesis new car
hyundai genesis 2015genesis new car
hyundai genesis 2015genesis new car
Just a few more official pictures of the US version.
A nice looking car. In my opinion, much better than the previous model that already looked old the day it came out.
But still, another derivative design. Fusion, previous Infiniti M etc…
This is no A7…
But it could really be a nice car to drive and own. It doesn’t look worse than the Infiniti M or Lexus GS. At all. 
The current model starts at $35 000. Hyundai has not announced pricing for the new one yet, but says it will stet bellow $40 000. (Which is still quite a jump.)
Even at $40 000, it would still be about $8000 to $9000 cheaper than the Lexus GS and Infiniti M37.
So still quite a deal. 
Has anyone here driven the current Genesis sedan? 
I did drive the coupe V6 and was actually quite impressed.
(Since I have had trouble getting Hyundai cars to test drive…)

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  1. You should do some research before accusing Hyundai of copying the Fusion. The new Genesis design was set back in 2011, design clinics in February 2012, and frozen by May 2012. The 2013 Ford Fusion was unveiled in January 2012, so no references came from Ford.

  2. I have a current Genesis Sedan. Traded a Lexus GS for it. The Genesis is a wonderful all around car. I'm seriously considering the 2015 Genesis.

    Before the Hyundai bashing starts from other commentators, I have owned 84 cars up to and including S class Mercedes. The Genesis is a fine car by any standard, and incredible value.

    Reading the press release makes me wonder how much quieter that Hyundai can make the Genesis. The current car is very quiet, and they appear to have made noise levels even lower.

  3. There's going to be a smaller Genesis sedan coming soon, slotting between this and the Azera, so this car can take a price jump. No one ever bought the base Genesis sedan anyway – I sell Hyundai's and I've once even seen a $35k Genesis show up on my lot. Pretty much all of them come fully loaded for $44k.

  4. Vince here are the A6 like greenhouses: Buick Verno, Infini M, Fusion, Avalon, Impala, Genesis, 2015 Chrylser 200, Dodge Dart, Passat, Sentra, Altima. I'm jtz I'll expose all the car designs to the kitchen table. PS. the new Escape's greenhouse is the Pontiac Vibe's.

  5. Looks like older Infiniti m. It's junk, Infiniti is quality. It will sell though at $20,000. If they want more $ for it, zero sales are predicted.

  6. I think it looks sharp. Looks like a more mature and tailored take on Hyundai's "Fluidic Sculpture" design language.

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