2015 Lexus NX

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This is what they were showing on a big screen behind Toyota’s CEO Jim Lentz during a presentation.

It obviously is NOT the nightmarish LF-NX Concept we saw before. (That one is the bottom pic)
It does look like a production version of it. And much, much better than the concept.

Will be powered by an all new 2.0 Liter Turbo engine.

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  1. It's clear that Toyota is now overcompensating. Just because everyone considers Toyolexus to be the most bland cars on earth, does not mean that they should then make the most dreadful looking cars on earth.

  2. What is happening in Japan? Why, all of a sudden, are they losing their minds??? May be they are affected by Fukushima radiation… I know it sounds mean but it has to be! What else?

  3. I think it looks sharp and nicely proportioned. This crossover will do very well. This is probably the answer for people shopping in the low $30K range and don't want an IS 250/350.
    The German vehicles in this class look fine too..but the NX will jazz up the segment.
    We'll most likely get the hybrid too.

  4. Fukushima…hahaha, thats pretty funny.

    I think the LF-NX was meant to be a design exercise to see how far they could push faceting. I did however expect it to be toned down, but perhaps not as much as the other pic indicates.

    btw – it'll be the 2.5L V6 for intro.

  5. And this is what the mild mannered, pleated chino wearing, vanilla Toyota designers design when they snort coke at work. Just say NO to drugs when you are at work!

    Seriously tho, these guys need to switch to decaf, 'cause this style can only be described as "spastic."

  6. Anon 9:59, Lexus designed this around 2011-12. The LF-NX was probably derived from initial designer's sketches of the final 2015 NX exterior proposal. Later being modified and then developed into a full-fledged concept car in 2013.

    This NX design above, would've been already long finalized before the LF-NX concept debuted, judging by the RAV4 test mules seen in August 2012.

    Production versions are not always "toned down". It doesn't work that way, unless a concept is shown more than 2 years ahead of a production version(see LF-LC).

    Lexus obviously has a habit of creating concept cars to preview a future model. If shown less than 1 year before production, usually the actual future model is an already finalized prototype sitting somewhere in a Toyota R&D facility.

    While marketing pretends design work has yet to start and will be "toned down" in a few months, a very unrealistic proposition.

  7. I have seen the concept car in person and while it looks like Batman could drive it, I was really impressed and I really really liked it. I wouldn't mind seeing someting so different on the road. The production Version also seems to be nice. Still not a fan of the grille, though.

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