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I know I am being “negative” again. But look at this…
Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for the Navigator to be uglier, they release these pictures.
That new front end is beyond words.
I know I was bashing the new Escalade a few weeks ago for just being another Tahoe clone.
But at least, it looks fine. And very restrained next to this.
This is taking vulgarity to new levels.
And it is not “all new”. It is mainly a new front, rear and interior. Plus the availability of the 3.5 Liter turbo for the 1st time. (The bottom pic does show the same profile as the current model
So they basically have a revised 7 year old model to compete with the new Escalade…
Good luck…

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  1. I can't imagine Lincoln being around for much longer. It's as if someone is sabotaging the brand. It's so frustrating.

  2. It looks like some sort of steam punk type creation. It's retro, weird, and just plain ugly.

    Lincoln is in serious trouble.

  3. The grill looks like it was transplanted from a 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It's horrible !! Good luck Ford

  4. Well, it IS throwback thursday. And Lincoln doesn't disappoint…. what a dinosaur this design is.

  5. Yes it's hideous but YOU never comment on any Ford or LMC vehicle unless it's negative. It's your website but being a professional you'd think you'd be a little more neutral. Again I have yet to see anything on F-150. Tsk Tsk

  6. Maybe you should read the whole site.
    Like my very positive reviews of the Escape, Taurus, Focus and Fusion.

    Or maybe you just enjoy thinking I hate Ford. (For some weird reason)

  7. I was nay saying the Escalade too before this came out….what a disappointment. (The smart move would be to go with a Yukon)

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