2015 VW Polo based SUV

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Not sure what this will be called yet. But these illustration show us what a small Crossover/SUV based on the next Polo could look like.

VW has already said that we will be getting the next Polo in the US.
So it would be fair to assume we are also getting the SUV.

Also not sure what they will do with the Tiguan. Which is now 6 years old!
(Although aging quite well I think)

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  1. Less boring than current VW, but very similar to Opel Mokka/Chevy Trax/Buick Encore. Less fun than a Renault Captur.

  2. if VW can cut down the number of horizontal lines across this thing's face, it will be a great looking, sporty stance alternative to Honda's Vezel… and might be a better choice too considering Honda's terrible-of-late interiors, terrible cheap suspensions, and weak-ass engines.

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