All new 2015 Subaru Legacy coming up

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 This is the 1st official teaser for he new Legacy.
And it does look quite nice. I remember dismissing the concept we saw a while ago as “just another design they’ll never produce”. But it looks like I was wrong.
(Which only happens once every 38 years)

 This is sit concept. Sure the production car above is a bit toned down, but not too much.

And this is the current one.
Looking really old and tall next to what is coming up.

Subaru has been on a sale growth lately. Selling over 336 000 units in 2012, about 400 000 in 2013.
And hopping for 500 000 for 2015.

Making good cars might not be enough anymore.
A good looking mid sized sedan will help a lot.

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  1. The Legacy definitely needed this update. Let's hope its not as luke warm as the Impreza when it was revealed… what a disappointment that was.

    I'd find it quite interesting if Subaru produced a Sport version, to compete against the Honda Accord Sport. That model is just wheels + body kit, but it does add a bit of flavor to the otherwise dull proportions. If they also offered a more potent engine and suspension option, that would be a clear winner. I think they already have those too.

    Vince, will Subie be doing anything with the Outback for 2015?

  2. Honda Accord Profile = Boring as F^@#
    Toyota owns Subaru = Yuck Safety?
    Didn't they go bankrupt = Saab, what's the diff?

  3. Except for the 2-seater, all Subaru designs get a 3/10. At least nobody can mistake them for something else. Way to go to build brand recognition…

  4. Except for the 2-seater, all Subaru designs get a 3/10. At least nobody can mistake them for something else. Way to go to build brand recognition…

    By the way, Vince, can you give us a break with these crappy letters we have to type to show we are not a…"robot". they are not legible dude.

  5. Subaru has picked up all the market share lost after SAAB shuttered and Volvo became Chinese. The demographic is almost precisely the same. SAAB and Volvo were two were small players, so Subaru can't expect this sales rise to continue without a plan. I don't know if making a swoopy suppository shaped Sonata clone will do the trick. Not everyone wants swoopy, and this demographic wants a balance between quirky and functional. They want an alternative to the other mass Japanese brands.

  6. Meh… looks pretty bland to me, but then again Subaru isn't known for their inspiring designs. I'll reserve final judgement when I see one in person.

    Subaru may be having a big sales growth lately, but I'll personally never buy another one. Bought a brand new 2012 Impreza and had to have the engine replaced under warranty @ 30k miles because of excessive oil consumption. Still having issues with the new engine. Do some research online about Subaru's new engines and oil consumption problems. Lots of complaints and engines being replace in new Imprezas, Foresters and BRZs because of faulty rings. Let's hope they get that oily mess all straightened out before this car comes out.

  7. What little that's been shown so far already looks much better than the rather frumpy looking current version, although not nearly as enticing as the concept version (Subie definitely has a chronic issue with failing to live up to the promises of its concept vehicles). Overall, it appears to possibly be a step in the right direction.

  8. From what I can see, not a bad effort.. but also nothing that will stand out in a crowd. It's as if they are always one styling generation behind all the other automakers. And as much as I hated the overblown wheel arches on the current Legacy, it almost seems like they would actually fit better on the next one and make it stand out a bit!

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