“All new” BMW 4 series Grand Coupe

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Things are getting pretty bizarre at BMW.
1st they rename the 3 series coupe the 4 series. Now they have a sedan version of that coupe.
But it’s NOT a 3 series. Still a 4.
No matter what they call it, it is Not a coupe. Since it has 4 doors.
It basically a better looking 3 series sedan. What the new 3 should have been all along. For a price premium…

Audi does much better with the A 5 4 door hatchback in Europe. Which after years, still looks better than any of the newer versions of the 3 and 4 series.

Now the “regular” 3 sedan looks really old and conservative next to the new model.

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  1. I came here to type something about how it's just more of the same, but someone beat me to it. All these luxury makes bore me to tears. Jaguar and Cadillac have moved the needle recently, but now they're stuck in neutral (or reverse in Cadillac's case) with the rest. (I left off Tesla and, RIP, Fisker–two, maybe not luxury car bulders, but STARTUPS, or near startups that took it to the big boys in their own way… if only for a short while in Fiskar's case. Why, if they can change the landscape overnight, can't the biggies give us something that doesn't at least look much the same as it did 25 years earlier?)

    As I've said before: these are most definitely the dark ages of automotive design. The corporations of the world have us exactly where they want us.

  2. You gotta hand it to these marketing guys! They can offer you a restyled product under a different name and faux category while charging more for it and the sheeple will still fall for it! That's genius!

    Although I think the entire "4-door coupe" concept is a little ridiculous, it's still not as bad as the "crossover coupe" category. The latter has resulted in some truly awkward exterior designs from a couple of manufacturers.

  3. The 3-sedan does indeed look less sporty than the 4-GC, but that is how it should be for the price differential.. but next to the 4-GC, the 3-GT looks absolutely frumpy, and for similar coin. I say kill the GT and bring back the wagon!

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