Chevrolet Silverado test drive coming up…

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This wasn’t planned and came to me as a surprised. I was told yesterday that I was driving this for the week.
Why not…

The full name is; Chevrolet Silverado High Country 4WD Crew.
Quite a high end truck.

I am not a “truck guy” as I have no need for this where I live. I do not own horses, or tow anything. And I am not a contractor.  So I will try to be open minded and see the good side of owning such an enormous vehicle in the city as a daily driver.

So far:
-It’s really big
-Interior actually better than in pictures (which I had noticed at the auto show)
-Getting 15MPG in the city so far (rated at 14)
-Much more comfortable than the Ford F150 I drove a few weeks ago. (doesn’t “jiggle” as much)
-No start switch. Old fashion key.
-$52 475 as tested!!!!

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  1. Insane what a half-ton pickup costs these days.

    I would like to say: the next one can't come soon enough. But I just don't care anymore. I'm not saying I won't own another truck, but a great big ridiculous, flimsy, sisified, and outrageously priced daily driver, with little or no attention to safety, just isn't in my future.

  2. Interesting that your experience so far has been more positive than the Ford…although the original vehicle dates back to 2004. I wasn't aware that F-150s have push button start! I like the old fashion key as well and I dread push button start is going to be in pretty much everything very soon. I had an Altima as a rental for a week and it wasn't bad. It was something I got used too but it was strange with the proximity key because we've stepped into having to touch the car in some fashion again to unlock it. It still had the "normal" key fob functions though. I read the instruction manual for what happens when the battery goes bad in the prox key and it said to press the push button start WITH the fob. Not sure how/why this works. Maybe the battery can't be completely dead, but just extremely drained. Either way, I want to turn a key to start my car now and forever.


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