Chinese made Volvo cars coming to the US.

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Well. We all knew it was a matter of time.
But they made it official today.
Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson mentioned that it would happen “fairly quickly”.

So basically, the 1st Chinese cars to hit the US market won’t be the cheap sub $10 000 stuff we were thinking about a few years ago. But near luxury models from Volvo.

I guess most buyers will never know. Since they will probably be mixed with European made cars.

Their thinking is that Americans are already buying expensive items made in China, like the iPhone or high end TVs. So why not Volvos.

What do you think?

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  1. Exactly, an interesting perspective. The point being is the standardization of product engineering and quality of the parts.
    Case in point like you mentioned, a genuine iPhone made in China is accepted by many without reservations, but a iPhone clone made in China is inferior and regarded as cheap.
    Same would apply to Volvo cars made in China versus made in Sweden. If the quality and engineering is following the same standard then the country of manufacture is moot. Eh, Vince.

  2. Let's hope they can nail-down their supply chain. I have nightmares about new cars made entirely of Chinese aftermarket parts: control arms that are good for 6 months, CV joints that randomly crack, "stainless steel" that's rusting in the packaging, rotors that warp almost immediately.

    As my mechanic puts it "Volvo is the best place to learn, you get to see every possible problem. If you work for Toyota, you see the same 4 problems over and over." I'm not sure the brand could survive the potential disaster of having too many customers waiting for tow trucks. They are borderline as it is.

  3. A Volvo badge does not a Volvo make. They haven't made a real Volvo since the last 850 rolled off the line. There's no need to lament the demise of Volvo here… it's been over for a very long time now. Right along with Saab.

  4. All the manufacturers do this, I would prefer to my car to come from its makers country. For example VW GTI made in Germany vs Mexico.

  5. Well Canada anyway. The NY Times reported this but also said no plans to import to US. Mexican made Fits will probably lead to an end to Chinese made Fits in the Great White North. Would I buy a Chinese made Volvo? Will "engineered in Sweden" be enough? For now, no…but I say this on an iPhone that clearly says designed in California but made in China.

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