Ford C-Max Solar concept

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I drove the C-Max a few weeks ago and really liked it.
It feels really solid and drives great.

But as usual with plug-in cars, you only get about 30 something miles of electric before the gas engine kicks in.

This new concept only gets about 21 miles of electric. Nut, you don’t even have to charge it. (You still can if you want)
The solar panels do the job. In 6 or 7 hours. Which is a great idea.

Ford claims that can put the car into production if enough people are interested.

Imagine in just a few years when solar panels might allow you to get 100 miles or more.

This is great.

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  1. I like the idea of this. This will be good for people who drive to work, leave the car parked during the day, then have a fully charge battery for the drive home.

  2. They cant even get a good range on their regular Hybrids… I dont trust Ford with Solar Panels…

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