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The big luxury K900 will start at $60 400 in the US.
A $6000 VIP package is also available.
This price is for the 420hp V8 model. The cheaper V6 will be priced at a later date.

Quite a bold move for Kia to release the more expensive model first.
I know that’s what most luxury manufacturers will do. But Kia is not there yet.

I guess they really believe they have something here.

After sitting in the car myself, I was actually impressed.
Although not sure if I was $60 000 impressed.

The main problem, to me, is that it looks too much like the smaller/cheaper Cadenza.
(Or is it really a problem since everyone else seems to be doing it…)

Not sure what exactly they see as competition. Since BMW and Mercedes buyers will never consider anything else.
And the Audi A8 has a great luxury image Kia can’t touch.

Is this the new Town Car? And why can’t Lincoln make something like that?

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  1. quality….questionable, price – irrelevant, style- weak, prediction – No success whatsoever, no brainer really

  2. I drive a BMW and I would consider something else. That being said, at this level value isn't just comparing features and price. Build quality, driving dynamics, and all the subtle nuances that display brand wisdom and insight need to be evident. I don't know enough about this car to declare a pass based solely from viewing online images.

  3. I think your analogy about this being the new Town Car is right on. It might be a bit compact for that, but I'm sure it'll be more reliable. Certainly more sophisticated. I do wish Kia would focus more on getting their least expensive cars "right" first. Sure they're feature-laden and have a good warranty but the dealership network and driving enjoyment factors are missing.

  4. When you're spending over 30k for a car, it has to be better than "doesn't suck." It's not ugly, the interior doesn't look bad, it probably doesn't drive too badly. But all of that isn't good enough in a $60k car.

  5. This is a complete miss on price. It should be priced one class below where they actually want it to compete. I think low to mid 40K would be appropriate.
    I've said it before -"Kia needs to have their own luxury brand!"
    Can you imagine someone buying/negotiating a K900 next to someone one cubicle over who's buying a Rio? Very snobby of me, but I'll take the hit.

  6. This car really does exhibit the singular feeling of arrogance that Kia actually believes they are on par with high end lux makes.

    Their $60k price tag is just so wrong and a mismatch for this economy brand.

  7. I'm not sure why there is so much negativity on this car! It's beautiful…the engine is powerful, the fit and finish are superb, it drives beautifully according to the reports I've read and it's priced WAYYYYYY less then a Lexus or BMW.

    People crapped all over the Optima for all of the above reasons – and guess what, it's a GREAT car! AND it's stealing sales from Infinity AND BMW.

    Is it going to outsell them? No. However, it'll get more people to take note of the brand; maybe that's their intent.

  8. "Not sure who they see as competition…" Actually, that one is easy – you're right, Vince, it's not the leading brands like Audi/BMW/Mercedes, or even Lexus or Cadillac, in my opinion. But there are some "lesser" brands they could take sales from – you mentioned Lincoln, and I'd add Acura, Buick, Chrysler and Volvo to the list. And, while Kia would no doubt love to sell a ton of these cars, they don't really have to for it to help their image as a "halo" car to sell more Optimas and Cadenzas. It's not going to be a home run, but it looks like a base hit to me.

  9. This is going to be a bigger failure than the VW Phanteon. People that spend 60K on a car, would never and I mean ever consider a Kia. Hyundai has hard enough time moving its twin the Equus because of they Hyundai badge and that is a better looking car for the segment.

  10. The person that approved this foolish, wasteful spending should be fired on the spot. If the Kia /Hyundai group gave all the money it took to develope and market this dud and gave it to charity…..(a) they would help the world by helping fellow man. (b) they would help us by not trying to sell this dud….and (c) they would get way more mileage out of the charitable part….figure it up ,


  11. The Optima was a brilliant, standout design, and went a long way in giving the company credibility. However, the Cadenza from last year (already a 3 year old design!) and this K900 both seem to be a step backward and don't give the impression of being more expensive than the Optima, or each other for that matter. The K900 will be a tough sell, especially against the very handsome new Genesis.

  12. Sad how the Optima went from being the aspirational flagship to the middle child in a 5-sedan lineup in less than a year.. luckily it's still the looker of the bunch. I think they should have done more to distance the K900 from the Cadenza.. if it were me, I wouldn't have brought the Cadenza at all, and competitively dropped the K900 V6 price right between the Azera and Genesis.

  13. One interesting fact is that there is no car that directly compares to the K900 as a whole package. But in terms of specs and features, a direct match, a fully loaded BMW 550i, would be priced over $90K. That is $30K over Kia. And this Kia is still slightly larger and has better warranties than the 5.

  14. Luxury is just an illusion. It is not real. And yet, Your brains are set up in the Matrix to pay a LOT for it.

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