Mercedes GLA45 AMG

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AMG mercedes GLA 2015 SUV

AMG mercedes GLA 2015 SUV

AMG mercedes GLA 2015 SUV

With 360HP from 2.0 Liter, this is the most powerful production 4 cylinder engine in the world.
Quite amazing.
(So far, the CLA AMG with the same engine has been getting mostly great reviews.)

After sitting in both the CLA and GLA, I have to say I like the GLA much better. They do share the same platform and a lot of their interior. But the GLA did feel more solid (Maybe in part due to the framed windows).
And it is much roomier. With real back seats. Plus the hatchback is much more convenient.

Not sure how much of a premium they will charge over the sedan, but I predict a big hit for Mercedes with the GLA in general. AMG or not.

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  1. beautiful i think its based on the new Nissan Rogue. Some say that they are sharing the Nissan Renault chassis that underpins the Rogue one the mercedes

  2. Is this a cousin to the upcoming infiniti q30? Like poster above stated there is some nissan/mb sharing going on now. And this looks to be a similar shape and size to the q30. I do like this MB and that engine is just amazing.

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