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As you can see, it is hardly new. Basically the same body it has had for so long now.

With a new front end and interior every few years. This time it is getting a new engine as well.
A 3.5 Lier V6 Turbo with 365HP. (About 55 less than the 2015 Escalade)
Of course, MPG should be better than the Escalade.
But do people who buy these things really care? I don’t think so.

Interior is also a rehash of the same theme. So even if it is, it doesn’t feel new.
Look at the little door lock switch at the left of the interior pic. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this.
Especially for this price.

I am not sure who this is for, really. There is nothing here that would make Escalade owners switch.
And if you don’t like or want a giant truck based SUV, this isn’t going to change your mind.

I guess they didn’t invest too much in this, so maybe they’re not expecting much…

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  1. Wait… THIS is the new Navigator? Give me an effing break! I cannot stand to watch the slow agonizing death of Lincoln. My fondest memories were of my family's 1990 MKVII LSC. But those days are long gone and no one I know would even consider pulling into their driveway in a new Lincoln. So I've lost hope for this nameplate. There's nothing left of Lincoln, and for no good reason! Are these people braindead?

    I wouldn't have said this a year ago, but now I think they should just remove Lincoln from life support. It's clear that Ford can only do vehicles for a mass audience. But they don't know squat about luxury brand building. Dammit!

  2. The overall design of the dash–the shape–was great a few years back, but it could really use some softening. There's no "flow" to it, if that makes any sense.

    The gray looks incredibly cheap, as well. They must offer a lighter color… and more wood. It's just a blocky mess of cheapness inside. Take the trim away from around the cupholders and they would have less than nothing.

    I think buyers of these things would be insulted by the idea of a V6, too. Frankly, if I was the kind of person out to impress others, I would rather have a less powerful V8. Or, since I'm not a complete idiot, a hybrid that was worth a darn.

    Are there any plans for a next generation Expedition or Navigator, or are these going the way of the Crown Vic and Town Car?

  3. lol.
    how can the Ford bigwigs NOT think something this ugly and antiquiated-looking will NOT tarnish their complete line-up of newer models?

  4. Well said poster January 22, 2014 at 9:55 PM. It is very painful to watch them flounder so badly for so many years. The need to go to Germany and lift some folks from BMW/Audi and give them a few billion to bring it back or just forget it now.

  5. I guess there are people out there who would buy it. Otherwise I cannot understand why it still looks so boring. Oh wait…lots of chrome will make it look… classy.

  6. It's not as heinous as I was originally led to believe by the first sneak peaks. It has kind of an intellectual frumpiness to it. The thing that kills me about it though is that it's obviously another facelift. That door/ A-pillar/ windscreen/ header are from a 1997 F-150!!

  7. Butt ugly, and I have owned a few Lincolns. 2015 Ford 150 makes this look like 'Cheez Whiz' compared to 'Camembert.' Either create memorable classics (MkII, MkIII, 59-60 Lincoln, etc) or end this poor excuse for an auto division. The Lincoln Continental legacy should be far more profound than a turkey-tank like this.

  8. I need to confess that I am an insider of sort on the Navigator project. And I gotta tell you that your comments are off-base. Sure, its based on the 2007 model, but the work done – and money invested – to create this are incredible. High-tech SMC hood, 370 hp from twin-turbo 3.5 V6. New rear end stampings (plus a few others), NVH (sound-deadening) technologies throughout and an interior that is truly sumptuous. High-grade leathers, contrast stitching, genuine wood accents and virtually nothing shared with the Ford Expedition platform-mate. Add continuously controlled dampening and independent rear suspension and you've got a great handling vehicle (for its size) with the smoothest ride in the segment. Check it out at an auto show before dumping on it too much.

  9. I'll also admit that it doesn't look as strange as it does in the earlier pics, but if it's that great, it just doesn't show in these pics. Now I have seen some close-ups of the dash and vents, and the materials look nice, but, again, the colors and overall design just aren't doing it for me.

    That said, I'm sure Ford has done the math and they won't end up losing their shirts over this.

    If I were Lincoln, though, I would pay attention to some of these "dumb" comments, because the perception the majority of people have of the brand, right or wrong, doesn't seem to be at all positive.

    It's going to take some honest-to-God real car people to fix Lincoln–not bean counters or horn tooters like GM is full of, but car people, and deep pockets.

  10. It's going to take some honest-to-God real car people to fix Lincoln….

    Wrong! All it takes is some tasteful design inside and out, above average dynamics, and reliability. It is a very simple recipe, which is not followed by Lincoln. I attended an auto show recently and did not bother to stop by to see even one model. Lincoln=cheesy rebadged Ford in my book.

  11. Unfortunately car people AREN'T in control at Ford. It's all business and bottom-line with marketing at the helm. I feel for the frustrated car people at Ford as through the years they've continually had their dreams and opinions shit on by upper management. There is a lot of talent at FoMoCo (And Government Motors) but most of it is squandered. I've been in a couple of the most recent Liconlns and the materials/ assembly is simply sub-par. Design is of course is largely taste so I won't comment.

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