More pictures of the all new 2015 Chrysler 200

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chrysler200 chrysler new2015

chrysler200 chrysler new2015

chrysler200 chrysler new2015

chrysler200 chrysler new2015

A nice looking car for sure. But it still looks a lot like the Fusion on these pictures.
Nothing seems to really say “Chrysler”.  Over Kia or Ford.

The market is now full of very good mid sized sedans.  There is almost no bad choices right now.
The new 200 seems really nice but doesn’t stand out.

The interior is also fine.
Wood trim will also be available.

At $21 700 to start, it as also priced like its competition. But I thought Chrysler was supposed to be more upscale? More so than Dodge at least.

It is a bit confusing. For now….
Unless the decide to get rid of Dodge…. (something they keep denying)

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  1. This will be a mainstream midsize sedan entry. Chrysler has not been a serious premium brand for decades. Let's get real and get over that assumption.

    I think it's a vast improvement over the current model. I'm also relieved to see that Chrysler didn't try to give this new 200 a "mini-300" look. That would have been awkward and disastrous.

  2. Vince – enough hating already. ALthough completely unexpected, this car has a confidence and subtle swagger that is right in line with their affordable luxury goal.

    This will be HUGE!

  3. Nice looking. Not interesting, distinctive, exciting, spectacular, or engaging, but nice.

    Will most likely be a competent entry in the segment.

    You do sometimes wonder if designers spend too much time looking at the competition, or none at all. Just seems odd that so many different companies can come up with cars that share so many similar details. Surely fuel economy and aerodynamic goals could be met with a bit more variance in shape and overall impression.

  4. I see problems with the shifter and hvac knobs since their close proximity could lead to confusion. A shift lever would have prevented this. If I were on Chrysler's legal team, this would not have been put into production.

  5. Vince, you are right when it comes to the "premium" aspect, as even the dissapointing Acura ILX starts higher.

    I think the Dodge version should have the 2.4 and 3.6…and for the 200 mimic the Lincoln MKZ method of offering a Hybrid version and 3.6 at the same price and start it at $26,000. It would undercut the hell out of the MKZ. The UNFORTUNATE truth is that Chrysler doesn't have a hybrid system worth a hoot to actually sell to customers!!! They are the only brand that is behind the times in this category. If they had this tech, the 200 would have a reason to stand out!


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