Nissan IDx Concept to go into production

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That is great news.
Now Nissan will have their own retro/futuristic car.
As the new concept was inspired by the old Datsun model. A simple shape that can still work today.

Also refreshing to see a 2 door sedan that isn’t trying to look like a hatchback.

But, this is a pure concept design. So it might change a lot in the translation into production.
Let’s hope not.

Engines considered a re either 1.2 Liter or 1.5 Liter with CVT (Yes, I know)
But they also mention a proper manual. Which is a must if the car wants to be considered seriously.

It is hard to see the size on thiese pictures, but the concept is about 10 inches shorter than the Scion FRS.
So it is quite small…

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  1. I find it interesting how they can mimic the retro look of many cars while maintaining and improving upon today's drag coefficient.


  2. I'm not sure how I feel about it, or how I'll feel about it two years from now. Will it look futuristic to me, or comically retro? Either way, I've got to hand it to the Japanese, they seem less and less afraid to take risks. Of course they've created quite a few ugly monsters, too!

  3. Some of the design is trying too hard. There's an awful lot going on here. It's always better to keep the design clean. Designers for Japanese brands tend to get a little overzealous when they attempt to think outta the box.

    But overall, this little thing is awesome. In spite of my comments above, the overall design theme is really good. I hope Nissan builds it and retains the integrity of this design.

  4. The old and never realized Neo-510 concept from a while back was killer. Much cleaner, and much more realistic and desirable than this. I would have bought that car.

  5. i LOVE this car. I hope they dont screw it up and make it too retro inside. I always hate over stylized plastic gauges made to look 'cutesy'.

  6. Sizewise, it really needs to be on the order of the Civic Coupe size – even a couple inches longer would be great. Target right on Honda and Kia.

  7. I read in a different website that there's a more sporty version, that one looks very good.
    This style works for me…if it goes on sale, I'll consider it.

  8. I personally think it looks rather awkward and ungainly. I like the Foria Concept much better and would rather see a production version of it instead of this concept.

  9. Vince… You're kidding, right? This is even more ugly and ungainly than the Nissan Sport Sedan concept — supposedly the new Maxima. I'd love to know what drugs their design staff is on.

  10. It's obvious the French are influencing Nissan design…this IS a design only the French could love…not cohesive at all.

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