Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

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This is supposed to preview the next Maxima.
I wish…

I do like the design. But I feel this will be toned way down for the Maxima.

I wish they would just keep this. With a few small changes.
(imagine how it would stand out next to the Avalon or Impala.)
But I’m afraid this is just a concept…

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  1. Vince. The final version for the maxima will look exactly like this save for handles and mirrors. We were shown a shot at a meeting. I promise.

  2. We're living in the dark age of automotive design. We've seen nothing but incremental changes for what feels like 40 years. I am more than ready to turn the page. Bring it. But give us a car worthy of the look.

  3. i work for honda acura. I feel if this is actually brought to production, it will be groundbreaking.

  4. Vince, I agree that it will be toned down. So far I like the Acura TLX and the Nissan Maxima(?)But with either one, you change the wheels, which are kick ass designs, and all of a sudden 20-30% of the effect disappears. And this is the weakness of both manufactures. They prefer to spend money to do BS PR than spend the money to equip their vehicles with stunning wheels. But, hey, I am just a consumer. What do I know?

  5. Looks like the next gen Maxims will be a very attractive, progressive, and groundbreaking design. I think the current Maxima is still a looker, but this new design just tops it.

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