Nissan’s new London Taxi

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Amazing and scary.
After New York’s “Taxi of tomorrow”, Nisan’s weird goal seems to be taking over taxi fleets around the globe.
And using the same NV200 everywhere.

This looks like a caricature of a London Taxi, not the real thing. An NV200 with a big chrome grille.
It will be powered by a small 1.6 Liter gas engine (No diesel???)

Maybe it will be more reliable than the previous model which was actually built by a company owned Chinese Geely!
15 of these had engine fire in 2008.
Many had steering defects etc…

A Small Nissan van could be seen as an improvement, I guess…

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  1. The most hilarious thing about this is they didn't really have to put much effort into it. They just simply recycled the Juke's headlights for this application!

    It's been awhile since the parts bin has been raided with obvious pieces that were developed with other vehicles in mind.

    I can't think of another Nissan vehicle that has been guilty of this, but what comes to mind most are the old GM minivans (Pontiac Bonneville headlights), the Pontiac G5 (reverse lights from Monte Carlo), and the Volt reverse light (Saturn Sky).


  2. Nissan must be greasing someone's palms, because NYC almost had this monstrosity as the exclusive cab until everyone revolted against the mayors office. What the hell is Nissan doing trying to push this trash on municipalities? There has to be some sort of kickbacks happening, because this is not a very good vehicle.

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